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1998 ~ One.
You Are My 
Most Beloved
2003 ~ You Are My Most Beloved


2004 ~ You Are
My Most Beloved

2006 ~ Happy Baby
Peaceful Home

Where to Buy


    Order Judy's albums by mail from the United States.

    "You Are My Most Beloved"USD $15 per CD
    "One." USD $10 per CD
    Note which CD you are ordering, the quantity and the total price and then add a flat fee of US$3.00 for shipping and handling.

    (for example: If you want to order 3 of "You Are My Most Beloved" and 2 of "One." to give as Christmas gifts, that would be 3x15 + 2x10 = $65 and then + $3 shipping = total of $68)

    Make the check out to "Judy Linton" and mark "CD Order" on the memo line and mail to:

    Judy Linton MUSIC
    335 County Road 122
    Florence, AL 35634

    Please remember to include a note with which CD's you are ordering and what address you wish them to be sent to you.

    And you'll get them in the mail. That's it. Enjoy.

    Order Judy's 1998 CD "One." online at Pegasus Records or digitalcuts.com

    Note: In the next few months we will also be adding information on what stores in the United States will carry them for sale.


Order online at Jingo

* Anywhere with a JINGO stand, including many record stores and bookstores, and most Eslite Bookstores.

  • Record Store at Chiang Kai Shek International Airport
  • Campus Books on Roosevelt across from National Taiwan University
  • Elim Bookstore on Chung Shiao Road
  • Eslite Bookstores (any that have a JINGO stand)
  • Far East Hotel on Dun Hua S. Rd., The MALL, Level B1 Bookstore
  • Hai Shan ("Ocean Mountain") Record Store at New York, New York Department Store on the 3rd Floor in the "High Level Music" section (as well as some Shin Guang Dept. Stores, Sogo in Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung ...
  • Hao You Records at Bade Rd. Computer Stores Area (BaDe Rd. Sec. 1, Ln. 82, No. 12) near ChungShiao-ShinSheng MRT Station Exit 1.
  • Hess Bookstore at Warner Village near the Taipei World Trade Center (& other Hess bookstores). Notice: They probably will have them near the front counter next to Judy's just-released book.
  • He Ping East Road Lin Liang Tang Bookstore across from Da An Park.
  • ORTV/Studio Classroom Bookstore on He Ping East Rd. near National Taiwan Normal University
  • Shilin Lin Liang Tang Bookstore
  • Taiwan Shop Bookstore off of Shin Sheng South Road across from National Taiwan University (Alley 76, No. 6, 1F)
  • Yuan Yuan Record Stores
    • Shilin: Wen Lin Rd. No. 119
    • Shilin: Chung Cheung Rd. No. 301 (one block from the Shilin MRT Station)
    • Shilin: Da-Tung Rd. No. 15-29
  • Chinese Evangelical Seminary Bookstore
  • PCT Bookstore near Roosevelt Rd. (Lane 269) and Hsin Hai Road (next to Friendship Presbyterian Church)
  • and many more...

Get Judy's book in the USA

from the San Diego Taiwan Center and

in Taiwan

You Are My Most Beloved
by Judy Linton, released May 12, 2004

Get Judy's book in Taiwan


  • Kingstone Bookstore
  • Eslite Bookstore

    order online at

  • Eurasian Press

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