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"You Are My Most Beloved" by Judy Linton
Translated into Mandarin by Shufen Lin
ISBN: 9861330178

--- A music artist nominated for FOUR Golden Melody Awards for her 2003 album, and winner for "Best Album - Religion"

--- A Taiwanese girl whose family tragedy is known internationally in the fight for human rights and democracy,

Judy Linton has written her life-story. The Mandarin-language version was officially released - May 12, 2004.

    --- Read the inside story of the assasination attempt on her life and the murder of her two sisters and grandmother.

    --- Read how she came out of the tragedy, fleeing with her mother as political refugees to the United States while her father still remained behind languishing in jail as a KMT political prisoner.

    --- Read the formative years of her thought development and how she came to faith in Christ, and about her life is now since returning to Taiwan.

It's a story that many Taiwanese identify with. And many new Americans who have immigrated to the United States for refuge and freedom will be reminded of their own exodus from oppression.

(This DVD including Judy's music video was included free with the first printing of the book. The book has been through several printings now, but at certain bookstores in Taiwan, they have a few of the first-printing copies with DVD's so check around.)

See a comment written by a university student (in Mandarin): comment 1

Published by Yuan Shen Publishing Company (Eurasian Press), Taipei, Taiwan
Copyright © 2004 by Judy Linton. All rights reserved.

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