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judylinton.com --- 2003 Album

"You Are My Most Beloved" by Judy Linton

Nominated for 4 Golden Melody Awards:
non-pop genre

  • Best Songwriting
  • Best Performance
  • Best Production
  • Best Album - Religion - WINNER!!!!

Produced by Jimmy Collins, centslessnoiz productions
Recorded & mixed by Jeff Pitzer in The Flood Zone, Brentwood, Tennessee (Nashville)
Mastered by Steve Hall at Future Disc Systems in Hollywood, California

1. You Are My Most Beloved[4:46] Mandarin
2. Forever[6:07] Mandarin
3. Everything[3:29] Mandarin
4. Grow Old With You[4:54] Mandarin
5. Thank You[6:05] Taiwanese
6. Boundless Love[4:52] Mandarin
7. I Could Sing of Your Love Forever[4:22] English
8. Bridge Over Troubled Water[3:05] English
9. Amazing Grace[4:28] English
10. You Are My Most Beloved -BGBackground Track (for karaoke)
11. Boundless Love -BGBackground Track (for karaoke)

NOTE: In the CD cover booklet, there are translations into English of all Mandarin & Taiwanese songs.
And there are translations into Mandarin of all English songs. So you can enjoy them no matter what your language.

All songs © copyright 2003 by Judy Linton except "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever," "Bridge of Troubled Water" and "Amazing Grace" arrangements © copyright 2003 Judy Linton; (P) Publishing-right 2003 Judy Linton

All tracks performed, arranged and engineered by Jimmy Collins except "Boundless Love" arranged and engineered by Scott Wilks
Background vocals on all songs by Judy Linton except "Forever" and "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever" by Judy Linton, Kim Keyes and Marshall Hall

Concert Management and Copyright Permissions Administered by the Communications Center of the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan, www.ccpct.org.tw