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Judy's CD, "One."

Judy's CD "You Are My Most Beloved"
Judy Linton invites you to come and REDISCOVER the poetry and depth of classic hymns. Her original arrangements of hymns refresh the soul. Loving the timeless words of old hymns, she has arranged the music into a new style immersing you into a worshipful experience.

Some have compared her style in "One." to that of Fernando Ortega's, but Judy Linton has a style all her own. Her music is perhaps best described by her listeners. It's "full of feeling," "an effortless flow of beautiful sound," "it's like heaven."

The response to "One." has been exceptional:

"The first time I listened to her music I was moved to tears."
"It's the one CD I keep reaching for."
"I put the CD on repeat and listen to it over and over and over again."
"The first time I listened to the CD I listened to it seven times in a row."

Judy Linton was born in Taiwan and began playing piano at the age of four. She and her husband are currently living in Taiwan where Judy has released her second album, "You Are My Most Beloved while her husband serves as a missionary and church planter.

Please click here to order "One."

"One." was mastered with HDCD technology to give you a fuller sound. You can really hear the difference.

Winner of the 2004 Golden Melody Award for Best Album with Religious Content

Judy's sound on this album has been called "crisp pop." It blends a richness of sound with a lot of energy and sometimes unexpected, but quite delightful chord progressions.

Judy has given such an attention to detail on each of her songs. They are sophisticated, cutting-edge, and unique. You won't find the mass-produced "pop" sound where every singer and song sounds the same. And her words have a much greater depth of meaning, than the simple... "I love you baby" songs you've probably heard over and over again.

Want something new? We think you'll be able to listen to this album again and again without getting tired of it. And you will enjoy every song on the album, unlike many of today's albums out there where they have one hit song and the rest of the album is filler that you quickly fast-forward.

And in keeping with her vision for producing quality music, the album was mastered with HDCD technology.

You can listen to a "compressed" MPG sample at this page and even see her music video (in compressed format.)

If you want to hear the real thing please click here to order or find out where to buy it.

If you want to get a DVD of Judy's music video, get the first edition of Judy's book. Included free in the back cover of the first printing of the book is a DVD of the music video for the title song, "You are my most beloved." Although it has gone through several more printings, some stores still have the first edition in stock.

And thanks for enjoying Judy's music.

We do not want you to buy Judy's album because of some image or marketing hype or anything like that. We want you to buy it because of its music and message that stir your soul and touch your heart.

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